Lainox in Colombia

Tell us a bit about Javar

JAVAR is a Colombian company with roughly 40 years of experience in the market.

Initially, and for a long time, we offered solutions for the butchery and weighing sectors throughout Colombia. Since then, and currently, we have manufactured bone saws and meat mincers.

About 10 years ago, we recognised an urgent need for change and decided to focus our efforts on satisfying the needs of the food and catering sector. It therefore became necessary to increase our range of products, choosing from a selection of quality products with worldwide recognition. Today, we are one of the most renowned companies on a national level, as we are able to offer turnkey solutions for the transformation and preparation of food products in Colombia. We love taking on new challenges and welcome change in order to continue what we started back in 1977.

How did the partnership between Javar and Lainox come about?

The Colombian market has become increasingly demanding, knowledgeable, and informed.

As far as high-quality combined ovens are concerned, for a long time, there was only one option: Rational. We had known about the Ali group for a while, because we had already established relationships with some of their companies. We got to know Lainox because of its incredible success and credibility in both Europe and international markets in general.

In order to make the most of this recognition, and because we were well-aware that Lainox’s range of products are highly innovative and compatible with professional cooking needs, we decided to propose to our customers what we believe are new and improved solutions. Today our portfolio of products includes the Naboo, Sapiens, and Icon. We have also recently introduced the NEO.

What were the main reasons that led you to choose Lainox over other companies?

The choice was mainly driven by our customers: giving them more options means broadening their possibilities, generating new ideas, and creating new opportunities for business.

We want to be at the forefront of change, and Lainox gives us the opportunity to do it.

Do you already have experience in the distribution of combined ovens?

Yes, we have been distributors of both Unox and Rational.

What were some of the initial challenges you faced when launching Lainox in Colombia?

There were many. To start with, we had to sell ourselves on the products, their quality, and performance. We had just come out of an experience with Rational, where there was only a single possibility, a single option, and a single oven, all without any competition. Since we had to overcome the challenge of re-learning, we find that we faced the same challenges that our customers do today.

What are the main reasons for the success of Lainox in Colombia?

These challenges were transformed into opportunities. The driving factor behind the success of Lainox was our trust in both the brand and the performance of the equipment.

We have tried and tested the functions, we believe in what we are offering the Colombian market, and therefore, we are able to convey this trust to our customers. We are able to say that it is not, and has not been easy. The competition is strong and very well placed. They have done some good work over the years and have created a broad distribution network. Moreover, we can’t deny that the products offered are high quality. So, as I said, the task was not an easy one, but it was possible.

What developments do you foresee in Colombia?

To generate trust in Lainox’s range, our customers need to go through the same experience we did with Lainox products. So our focus will be on consistently inviting our potential customers to the Naboo Challenges (cooking demonstrations), scheduled every Wednesday at our facilities in Bogotá. At the same time, we're trying to identify locations for demonstrations in major Colombian cities through collaboration with our distributors, in order to improve the visibility of the Lainox brand at a national level. To achieve this goal, we’re planning numerous fairs and events.

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