Industrial heavy duty ovens for mass catering

Lainox is your ideal partner for professional cooking, choose the oven most suited to your needs

We analyze your every gesture

We simplify your work, improving your profitability

From school canteens to hospital catering, from quick service restaurants to fine dining, whatever your business we work side by side with you to develop the most efficient and profitable solution for your production using our professional cooking ovens.
We help you standardize your processes and make them repeatable, offering consistency to your business

We have chosen the best for you

The Combi that changes your P&L

Naboo 5.0

Naboo 5.0 is the highest expression of the combined oven, a concentrate of technology allowing the standardization of every cooking cycle, making for a truly easy user experience. The Wi-Fi connection supplied standard allows the synchronization and monitoring of your Naboos. You will be amazed by the speed and quality of cooking, yet with manic attention to power consumption levels, which you can monitor through the energy monitor.

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Bring your kitchen closer to your customers


Oracle allows you to increase the number of hot food restaurants at minimal cost without the need for any installations. The speed with which you can prepare delicious meals will help increase your sales during the busiest times and satisfy all your customers.

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Boundless flexibility


Neo24hours allows you to transform your kitchen into a genuine “commissary kitchen” in less than one square meter. You can run Neo24hours during the night to prepare everything you need to serve during the day. The real cook and chill has finally arrived...

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A new way of cooking

We perfect your every gesture

Whether you have an à la carte menu or your core business is banqueting, we have created a system that makes your work easier, more efficient and more profitable. You decide whether to use the cook and serve, cook and hold or cook and chill technique. Our technology will support your every decision and every choice.


Energy savings

Up to 60% energy savings with respect to traditional systems.


Space savings

Vertical cooking allows you to save space in the kitchen, which can be dedicated to your customers


Raw material savings

Use of our systems allows less consumption of raw materials due to the reduced weight loss during cooking, and a drastic reduction in scraps and waste thanks to the cook and chill technique.

Create truly unique dishes

Be inspired by our recipes

Ricotta and vegetable cannelloni with bacon and almonds

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Eggplant parmigiana

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Roast beef with grilled potatoes

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With Live Cooking Show you can try the Demo closest to your restaurant

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What are you waiting for to make the qualitative leap?

Marco Franceschet -CEO of Ristorazione Ottavian - Vittorio Veneto (TV)

“All our ovens are connected online and use the Nabook portal, especially to download the HACCP data of the cooking cycles and to upload new recipes. And in regards to servicing, problem resolution is now much more efficient thanks to the notification of faults. Our workers also noticed how easy it is to move full trolleys from the ovens to the blast chillers.„

Marco Franceschet -CEO of Ristorazione Ottavian - Vittorio Veneto (TV)
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