Fast Cooking Oven

Your super-fast oven for bars and restaurants

Amazing results in a single click

When speed is of the essence, you need an oven that can do more than just cook delicious food. Everything is faster with Oracle. From installation to serving customers.

The taste of speed

With Oracle, time is kept in seconds

Pizza in 95 seconds

Pizza in 95 seconds

In just 95 seconds you can prepare a frozen pizza and serve it to your customers

A roll in just 30 seconds

A roll in just 30 seconds

30 seconds is how long your customers will need to wait for a delicious, warm, crispy roll

150 seconds for deviled cockerel

150 seconds for deviled cockerel

In 150 seconds you can serve your customers a genuine meal and not just a simple snack

You’ll never look back

Technology and performance



Up to 3000W for best toasting and browning



Temperature range from 95°C to 270°C with adjustable fan speed



Up to 2000W for rapid heating and shorter cooking times


Plug & Play

Simply plug it in and start cooking without the need for an extraction system.

Just one touch

A new way of managing your dishes

The Oracle interface is just like a larger version of your smartphone or tablet screen, with the same functions: browse menus, drag icons, open files, create new pages, organize new folders with new contents, draw from the cloud and combine the contents with those stored in the machine.

All with total freedom, creativity and functionality.

Waiting times at your venue will be a distant memory

Oracle is the perfect choice for dynamic, fast-paced restaurants with an expanding and innovative range of proposals, venues with open kitchens, offices with minimal space or small kitchens.

The extremely rapid cooking, grilling, toasting, thawing and regeneration of a broad selection of fresh and frozen products such as sandwiches, pastries, pizzas, fish, vegetables and meat, is now a reality.

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Fast & Tasty

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