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When technology reinvents the past

More lightweight, more intuitive and more complete

All the innovative technology is in the background, assisting you in preparing even the most complex dishes, safe in the knowledge that the cooking parameters are correct. For those who are not looking for advanced electronics but who want to cook and program with simple and manual controls, without sacrificing the precision of digital controls. For those looking for an oven that is receptive to your commands but sturdy, suitable for everyone but evolved, traditional in its approach but rich in content, reassuring and efficient. Lainox has just what you need. The solution is called Sapiens.

You’ll never look back

Technology and performance


Perfect cooking

Grilling, frying, roasting, boiling and much more still.

You’ll be amazed by the speed, quality and consistency of cooking, even with a full oven.


95 Automatic programs

Thanks to its programming, the oven automatically manages the different stages and various parameters of the cooking cycle


Controlled hygiene

Impeccable cleaning for continuous safety


Everything you need

In Sapiens, you’ll find all the automatic and manual functions you need to guarantee best quality and consistent cooking.

Similarly, the broad range of Sapiens features and functions are testimony to the careful design and user focus.

95 automatic cooking programs

Sapiens includes 95 automatic cooking procedures stored in its memory and can hold up to 99 additional procedures programmed and saved by the user, configured with a name and icon, each with the possibility for up to 9 automatically executed cycles.

Less waiting. More speed. Better quality

Save time too with Sapiens

96 spit-roasted chickens in 30 min

96 spit-roasted chickens in 30 min

Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside

480 steaks in 7 min

480 steaks in 7 min

Perfect, safe and flavorsome cooking for a delicious meat dish without worrying about delays

240 sunny side up eggs in 2 min

240 sunny side up eggs in 2 min

A perfect yolk with the right consistency just like you’ve always done, at 10 times the speed


The powerful steam generator allows for unprecedented cooking speed. In just 7 minutes, a load of broccoli is ready and in the Sapiens boosted 101 model, in combi mode, 24 spit-roasted chickens are ready in just 30 minutes.


Up to 20% more powerful, compared to the previous model, it also guarantees perfect full loads with even faster cooking times. More powerful, however, does not mean greater energy consumption. Thanks to new energy supply systems, Sapiens boosted allows for savings of up to 16% less compared to previous models.


VCS - Vapor Cleaning System is the automatic wash system resulting in up to 30% less consumption, a significant reduction in consumption thanks to its innovative steam cleaning system (compared to the previous model).


The need to have well-defined areas in the kitchen, which comply with HACCP, calls for highly compact devices with large capacities. By miniaturising the components, Sapiens boosted occupies up to 15%* less space, which allows kitchen spaces to be better organised.

* for the Sapiens boosted 062 model.

A complete service

Simplify the way you cook with dedicated accessories

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Which Sapiens is right for you?

Customize it according to your needs


Sapiens boosted

Everything you need


Aroma Sapiens

Sweet time for your life


Compact Sapiens

Technology and intelligence in minimal space

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