Moreno Picchietti

Tell us a little about yourself
I've worked around the world, at major hotels in the industry.

This experience gave me an all-around view and knowledge of the kitchen.

I started out in Maremma and went through Rome, with experience in England and the Ukraine, to then come to the Royal with thirty years of experience.

Tell us a bit about your work in the kitchen at such a prestigious hotel.

It is definitely a source of pride and determination.

As goals are reached, there are reasons for growth. Each milestone is a new starting point and I can truly state that I am still growing, even today.

Moving forward and working in increasingly prestigious structures brings increasingly difficult challenges and greater results to be obtained.

I consider myself lucky because I never get bored, and I haven't lost the curiosity I felt on that first day I set foot in the kitchen. I must say that this is definitely the result of a great passion for cooking but also for the structures, like hotels, restaurants, etc., that wish to improve, thus giving chefs like me, great opportunities for growth.

Why did you choose Naboo for your kitchen?

Naboo is the maximum technology you can have in the kitchen. Like I said before, it never stops growing... With Naboo we can test how easy it is too trust automatic cooking and the ease with which new personal recipes can be created.

We heard about it and were convinced right away.

What advantages did Naboo bring?

We definitely reduced the time spent setting up the various cooking cycles. We are more at ease because Naboo warns us each time we need to do something, from opening the door to insert the dish to changing steps in a certain recipe, etc.

Did you create any personal recipes in Naboo?

Yes, absolutely! I tried to make sure that the oven would fit completely in our kitchen and I succeeded.

What do you think of new technology in the kitchen?

I believe that everything keeps moving. The kitchen itself is moving too and it's only right that we keep in step with the times.

What criteria do you use to choose the equipment you work with?

Many years of experience in the kitchen lets me evaluate a brand's credibility. Continuous research and the opinion of my colleagues help guide my choice, but in the end, a test in the kitchen is needed before buying any equipment.

How do you guarantee the quality of the food that is served from your kitchen?

By collaborating with trusted people and with companies that have always given excellent performance in the restaurant industry, without forgetting the importance of technology.

The continuous exchange of ideas with my employees on this theme always leads us to new solutions we can use to guarantee our customers the best quality.

What is your favourite dish?

Definitely Tuscan Panzanella

I come from the mountains of Pistoia: peasant food, antique flavours that take me back in time. And I am often inspired by those flavours in my own recipes.

Who can cook for you.

Only my partner who is an excellent cook.

A great cook, mother, partner and woman.

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