Multi-purpose blast chiller

Discover the Neo range of professional multi-purpose blast chillers

Blast chilling, freezing, cooking, holding, thawing, proofing

Neo is a dynamic space, a blast chiller that becomes a holding cabinet or a cooking tool when needed.

You won’t be able to do without it anymore

Technology and performanceTechnology and performance


Blast chilling +90°C up to +3°C


Blast freezing +90°C up to -18°C


Freezing -18°C up to +3°C


5-step retarder proofing


Slow cooking up to +85°C


Temperature holding +65°C

True cook and chill with Neo

Neo can be used without a problem even after hours. This is a kitchen tool that can work 24 hours a day without a break. After the day shift, it can be used after hours when the kitchen is idle or at night time for slow cooking.

It can be programmed for +3°C positive chilling or -18°C blast freezing after cooking.

Less waiting. More speed. Greater quality

Increase your profitability in the kitchen with Neo


Energy savings up to 60%

You can optimise every cooking cycle with cook and chill and save lots of energy.


Up to 70% space saving

You will not need bigger spaces in the kitchen to manage large-scale events


Raw material savings of up to 20%

You can finally eliminate all the waste due to unsold portions

Neo Connected

WI-FI connection to the Nabook website for function monitoring, HACCP Log download and remote service.

Discover Nabook

Create, organise and save your recipes

Calculate the food cost of your recipes

Organise your shopping intelligently

Configure all your kitchen devices remotely

Just Duet

...And that's all you need

Naboo and Neo work perfectly as a team, making sure the original freshness of each meal is brought to the table, every time. Two essential appliances for chefs that cook with passion and a desire to please, continuously surprising their guests with top quality meals.

The perfect couple, offering chefs the possibility to express their professionalism and creativity at the highest level.

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