In order to access the full potential of your Naboo, Lainox has developed a series of accessories that allows it to be used for a range of new applications.

Spit cooking

You can transform your Naboo into a true roasting jack, and if used with the smokegrill, enjoy the same results as a wooden spit.


How much time and energy does it take to grill 100 portions of vegetables? With Naboo, it takes just 7 minutes, with 60% less energy consumption, and all with the simple press of a key.

Pizza and bread

Just In case you thought you needed to buy a pizza oven to serve pizza at your of today, you can now say that all you need is a Naboo and Pizza Grill, which offers the same quality as a professional pizza oven.


If you would also like to offer lightly fried foods that use 90% less oil and have 60% less calories, you can now do so with your Naboo and the special frying accessories.

Finger food

Do you want to keep up with latest trends and include a finger food menu in your restaurant?

With your Naboo and Finger grill, you can do so without needing tons of different pots and pans, and without compromising quality.

If you would like to know more about the range of possibilities offered by Naboo, download the brochure and ask your retailer for a quote on original Lainox accessories.

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