New opportunities in difficult times.

Since few days we overcome one of the most difficult years in history.
HoReCa market was no exception and experienced huge shocks in 2020.
However, even in this difficult time Lainox has managed not only to overcome the difficulties, but also to find exciting new opportunities thanks to his unique range of equipment and in particular the Oracle oven, the fast-cooking choice.
While traditional restaurants have lost a very large chunk of their audience, alternative catering channels have even seen growth in 2020. Namely – food delivery, culinary in supermarkets, small cafes / coffee shops, as well as food at gas stations - for these segments of Horeca, the year was not bad has per restaurant. Hotels and traditional channels!
For this category of customers, the following parameters in cooking are important and, as a result, the parameters of the equipment on which they cook:
- Minimum dimensions due to limited space
- Speed of cooking : visitors, unlike restaurants, will not wait long, and besides, the faster a dish is prepared, the more dishes can be sold per working day,
- The quality of the prepared dishes is exactly what makes visitors choose this or that cafe
It is precisely these requirements that the Lainox Oracle oven fully meets, which prepares food using convection, impingement and microwave. The oven is very compact - unpacked dimensions 358 x 743 x 578mm, making it suitable for small delivery-only kitchens, mini cafes, coffee shops, gas stations and even food trucks. Thanks to the combination of convection, impingement and microwaves, the oven will cook, for example, frozen pizza in 1 minute and a burger patty in 1.5 minutes.
In addition, the oven interface is, in fact, a touch screen with a set of pictures on which to start cooking a dish - no more difficult than launching an application on a smartphone. It also significantly speeds up the work in the horeca enterprise. The quality of the prepared food is ensured by the equable heating of the food, as well as by the fact that you can completely adjust the processing power by microwave and convection, as well as the cooking time. In addition, there are excellent accessories for the Oracle oven, such as a grill plate, which consists of a composite material and allows, on the one hand, due to the ribbed surface, to create the effect of a grill and stripes on the dish, and on the other hand, the flat surface imitates stone for cooking pizza.
Thus, by supplying an Oracle oven to an alternative, rapidly growing segment of Horeca - gas stations, coffee shops, dark kitchens, supermarket culinary, Lainox neutralized the negative effect of restrictions, thereby not only ensuring sustainable growth of the company, but, most importantly, it helped our clients to cope with the challenges of the present time by offering a product that in itself is capable of increasing sales.

Alberto Marzocchi
Lainox Sales Director APAC, Russia, ME, IBERIA

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