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Exclusive benefits with the new version 10.06 of Naboo Reloaded, and it doesn’t cost a thing!!

After launching the reloaded version of Naboo at the international Host fair last October, our developers have been hard at work making constant improvements to offer even more new services for our customers.

The version 10.06 of Naboo Reloaded is now ready with lots of new and useful features:

Energy Monitor

It is now possible to have complete view of your Naboo’s consumption: electricity, water, gas, Combiclean and Calfree.

With a simple selection from the drop-down menu, you can choose to view the consumption of your last cooking session, the previous day or month, or you can even go back as far as the previous year.

With this exclusive function, Naboo allows customers to clearly monitor the consumption of their devices and if the Naboos are connected to Nabook (the Lainox Cloud), they can also be monitored remotely.

Grill wash

For customers who use Naboo extensively for cooking at high temperatures, i.e. for grilling or roasting chickens, a new wash cycle is now available just for them: the “grill wash”. This wash cycle uses the same quantity of water, detergent and electricity compared to the hard plus wash, but by acting simply on the time, allows for significantly better results to be achieved.

Monitoring the water filter

Thanks to the recent partnership between Lainox and Brita, a feature to monitor the water softener has been implemented in version 10.06. If customers with ovens without a boiler decide to install a Brita filter, which is highly recommended), Naboo will be able to monitor the filter for wear and notify the user to replace it when necessary.

When installing the filter, the authorised technician should indicate the water hardness allowing Naboo to then calculate the duration of the filter and warn you when it needs replacing.

Energy Star

With this software version, the energy consumption levels have been further improved, allowing Lainox to complete the Energy Star certification on its entire range of Naboo and Sapiens models.

Professional chicken grill

The latest additions mean that Naboo is now available in a version with a professional chicken grill, specifically a version dedicated to those customers who use Naboo on an extensive basis to cook fatty products like chickens, spit-roast pork, ham hock, etc.

The completely automated system collects the fat during cooking in a container in the compartment under the oven (see photo), while during the wash cycle, a motorised valve channels the dirty water to the drain pipe, preventing operator errors.

In addition to these important new features, a series of minor improvements have also been made which will make scrolling through the system easier and more fluid.

If you are already a Naboo client, please take the time to update your device which you can do by yourself for free by connecting your Naboo to the internet and accessing the software update section. If aren’t lucky enough to have a Naboo in your kitchen yet, go ahead and contact us – the time is here to give yourself a well-deserved new present!!

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